A student is

Un étudiant

I do nothing
I ignore it, unless he is using my answers to cheat, in which case
I move my paper away from his line of vision.
I pity the student for his actions, but ignore his decision and focus
on my own academic integrity.
i tell the teacher in private
I would be annoyed.
I would cover my exam but not say anything
I would feel cheated out of the honest grade I was getting, and I
may or may not tell the teacher.
I would finish my exam, and mind my own bussiness.
I would hide my exam from the person.
I would make a mental note never to sit next to that student.
I would think less of them, and hide my paper.
i'd get pissed and cover my answers
It's not my business.
look the other way
nothing. its not my place to police exams

ce n'est pas juste pour moi mais je ne vais pas le dire au professeur
c'est pas mon problème
c'est son problème, c'est qu'en fait les études ne l'intéressaient pas tant que ça
il fait ce qu'il veut, moi je m'occupe de ma copie
je le dénonce
je m'arrange pour qu'il se fasse voir.
Je me dis "hein!!!", mais je ne m'étonne pas plus que ça. Je ne suis pas choquée non plus. Ca arrive.
je m'en fiche, du moment que ça ne gêne pas les autres
je ne dis rien
je recule ma copie et essaye de dissimuler mes réponses
je serai énervée sur le moment
j'espère qu'il ne se fera pas prendre.
j'hallucine, il n'y a personne qui surveille ou quoi!
S'il le peut et le veut, pourquoi pas, cela ne veut pas dire qu'il n'a pas de connaissances



I noticed that many students said they would do nothing about another student cheating off their test except to protect their own test from being seen any further. As far as I know there are severe punishments for cheating in universities including receiving a failing grade or even expulsion. I was wondering what kinds of penalities you face for cheating?

Si on triche on peut être viré de la fac et ne plus pouvoir repasser d'examen pendant 5 ans

Oui et surtout, si une "anti-sèche" est découverte et que le coupable ne se dénonce pas, on peut devoir repasser l'examen!

What exactly is an "anti-seche"?

It seems that most of the French students didn't really care if another student were cheating. I also felt this way. I was wondering why you don't care.

I know many American students consider it unfair that a student might receive a good grade from cheating. If the cheater receives a better grade than a non-cheater, the non-cheater feels cheated (lol). Do any of you feel that way? (I personally do not.)

Usually when I see someone cheat, I'm usually annoyed (and make sure it's not my paper they're looking at), but I probably wouldn't do anything about it. Sometimes it bothers me more than others though. If it was in one of my science classes, it would bother me more... the teachers usually give letter grades based on the averages of the tests. So if people are cheating and getting higher grades, it hurts mine. And that's annoying! But other than that, I don't normally care, and maybe I'll just glare as them ;P

I really dislike it when people cheat, especially since I've been on the receiving end on it a few times. The valedictorian of my high school was caught cheating, and they still awarded him that honor, and the bitterness of that has stuck with me. Have any of you ever denounced a cheater?

I personally am annoyed by cheaters, but only if it affects me, which more often than not it does. If someone cheats, and gets a good grade... a better grade than someone who actually worked for it... it can screw up everyone's grades if there is a curve, and also it can distort a professor or teachers perceptions of those students. I know if the cheater happened to be my friend, I would feel even worse, because I would know they were cheating themselves out of an education. All in all, cheating makes me angry because it can poorly affect my grade if there is a curve, it can make me look bad in the class (like I'm not putting in enough effort), and it just reveals how stupid some people can be.

Are many of these same issues applicable in France?

I really thing the americans here are making a bigger deal then they normally would. I am sure every one of them has cheeted at something at some point. i just thing that the way cheating is punished here is what makes people act the way they do towards it. I mean I hide my paper but thats my way of keeping myself out of the problem. I have seen people who were not "Covering their papers adiquitely " get in trouble. this is where teachers and students need to really trust each other. either deal with the fact that some students get scared durring tests and want to make sure they are doing it right or that there are kids out there that dont care and dont study and cheat their way through. I don't concider testing as a good form of learning. Maybe because I am a bad test taker. I sympathize with the cheater.

and now that i have said this

I am gonna have everyone think i am such a bad person

is that the same way in france?

if you cheat once and are caught thats it?

you are a bad person

if you dont dissaprove of it are you a bad person?

Une anti-sèche c'est un moyen de tricher: par exemple: écrire toute la leçon (ou seulement les parties qu'on assimile pas) sur un petit papier qu'on va cacher et duquel on va saider pour réussir l'examen...

In some schools, if the teach finds two papers are identical, they write up both of the students, even if one of them comfesses to cheating. I think that is so stupid. It isnt necessarily the guys fault if he didn't cover his paper well enough. Do the French have a similar system?

Je me demande même si tu n'es pas interdit de passer l'examen du permis de conduire quand tu es pris en train de tricher ...Je crois que l'interdiction de passer un exam pendant 5 ans est valable pour tout type d'examen en France :S

Oui il me semble que c'est n'importe quel examen interdit pendant 5 ans. Moi, en fac, du moins je n'ai jamais dénoncé un tricheur pour la bonne et unique raison que c'est un truc à se faire accuser de tricherie soi-même, surtout quand on n'a aucune preuve: c'est notre parole contre la sienne. Et par ailleurs, je me dis que les tricheurs finissent toujours par payer car dans des concours, il est vraiment difficile de tricher: donc même si ils ont réussi les exams avant, ils vont se planter au concours. Ou mieux encore, on se rendra compte dans leur profession qu'ils sont imcompétents...

I was amazed at the amount of apathy shown towards people who cheat on tests on the part of the French. Granted, maybe the consequences will catch up to that particular person later on in life, but as a community can we really just accept this? Is it not part of your civic duty to your community to keep your environment honest? At Brandeis our school motto is "Truth even unto its innermost parts." If we are to take this mantra seriously, then cheating is certainly an issue that should be viewed as lightly as it is currently being discussed. In France, are issues of morals/ethics in the classroom not extremely important, or is it more that you don't want to betray your friends? Why is it that there appears to be a greater lack of concern for you?

De mon côté, je ne dis rien parce que je pense que ça ne me regarde pas. Quand on est à l'université on est assez adulte pour prendre ses responsabilités et savoir si l'on doit tricher ou pas. Finalement, ça ne change pas vraiment grand chose pour moi que d'autres trichent, ça ne me regarde pas. Et je ne trouve pas très juste de dénoncer quelqu'un, je trouve ça puéril. Je pense que si quelque chose de plus grave se passait, si j'étais témoin d'un meurtre par exemple, je dénoncerais, mais pas une personne qui triche.