boring, uninventive, mundane
determination, function
Job, Assignments
job, responsibility, money
Money, Nine to Five, Office
nonstop, necessary, a drag
office, computer
office, tasks
opportunity, career, fear
rite, future, time
routine, office, cubicle
school, earning living
study, boring, hard
time, necessity
tiring, necessary, selfless

agréable, efforts, satisfaction finale
argent, devoir, dure
argent, effort, prepa, art de vivre
argent, trop prenant, études, ingénieur
bureau, rendez-vous, collegues, projets
bureau, stress, argent
contrainte, plaisir, difficulté, défi, effort, nécessité, stress
difficile, long, inutile
j'ai arreté
labeur, difficile
necessité, argent, fatigue
plaisir, difficulté, responsabilité, salaire
prépa, Mc Donald's
regularly, compulsory
remunération, devoirs, obligation
temps, necessité


Seulement un seul américain à associer l'argent au travail alors que presque la moitié des français le cite!
Les français seraient-ils plus matérialistes?

Il me semble que pour les français, le travail est quelleque chose dure et pas intéréssante, mais pour les américans, le travail représente nouvelle chance, motivation.

I think that one of the reason that very few Brown students mentioned money is that nowadays it seems that wanting a lot of money from your job is a negative thing. It has been entered into discussion that if you are making a lot of money then you probably aren't happy with your job, or that you are a sell-out and care only about money. This isn't a very valid view on things because even if people say they are only looking for a job to make them happy, they are usually still considering the monetary compensation. Also there are a lot of people who are interested in making a lot of money that aren't cutthroat people who don't care about anything else. You can also like what you do and make money and help the community- those don't have to be mutually exclusive like many people portray them!

I thought it was funny though that basically no one here mentioned it though because while Brown does have the reputation as being an elite institution that allows you to study a lot of varied things, most of the people that graduate here will be able to get high-paying jobs with the help of their degree from an Ivy League school. Also though, because of such an educational background it is possible to pursue what you want to do, not just a boring job that you have to take to make enough money to get by.