You are at the movies. The people sitting right behind you make loud comments about the film.

Vous êtes au cinéma et des gens assis derrière vous commentent le film à voix haute.

either deal with it, or politly ask them to be more quite
Feel annoyed but don't say anything or leave.
Grumble for a few minutes and then ask them to keep their voices down
I ask them to be quiet
I politely turn around and ask once for them to quiet down. If they don't listen, I flip out.
I say, "shhhh"
I tap my fingers in annoyance, but I soon learn to ignore them.
I would ask them to be quiet. If that doesn't work, I would go find the manager.
I would not say anything and perhaps move if possible.
I would stiffen in my seat and focus more intently on the film.
I would try to ignore them at first. If they were really loud, I would politely ask them to speak quietly.
I would wait for them to stop. If they didn't stop soon, I would ask them to please be quiet.
I'd turn around immediately after one of these outbursts and ask them to please quit talking, as it is disturbing others watching the film. Of course, this assumes that my friends and I aren't also making loud comments about the movie and egging them on, and that we are in fact bothered by other people being rowdy,
I'm pissed off but I don't say anything.
If they continue, I would ask them to stop or change my seat.
ignore and/or move if annoyed
Move to another seat

je bougone
Je change de place (même réaction s'ils tapent sans cesse dans mon siège).
je fais "chuuuuuuut"
je leur demande de se taire gentillement
je leur demande de se taire, si leurs commentaires son nuls; si leurs commentaires sont drôles, je commente avec eux
Je leur demande gentillement de se taire, et si ça ne marche pas, je cogne, j'disperse, j'ventile.
je leur demande immédiatement de se taire avant qu'il n'en prenne l'habitude pour le reste du film, s'ils sont agressifs je change de place
je leur dit de parler moi ford ou de sortir
je leurs demande d arréter car ca dérange tout le monde
je me retourne et je leur demande de se la fermer
je me retourne et leur demande poliment ou non de se taire (selon mon humeur)
je me retourne et leur dit de se taire
je ne supporte pas
je pense : "on s'en fout de tes commentaires à 2 balles"


Similar to the Cheater

The answeres for both of these were actually quite similar. One or two people on both sides said that they'd be that person talking too loud, or would join in if it was good. Most everyone else would move or ask them to be quite. The big difference is the set of people on the US side that would just try and ignore it. There's also one person who said they'd report the people talking to the manager. Would you ever report someone being disruptive to the manager in France? I've seen a few extreemes here - I know some people who (probably unjustly) always report people who are breaking rules/being disruptive at even the smallest provocation - without even bothering to talk to the person. At the other extreeme, there are people who generally will either totally ignore the situation, or will try and talk to the person until they feel they can't get anywhere and then just ignore the situation. I don't think either extreeme is particularly good. Do you have the same extreemes? Which is more common?

La réaction dépend du caractère et non de la nationalité

Je pense qu'en France comme aux USA, il peut exister les mêmes extrêmes (aller déranger les directeurs du cinéma ou ne rien faire). Ces types d'attitudes dépendent du caractère de chacun, qu'il soit américain ou français.


It also depends on the show, there are times when you want the crowd to be lively and comment. I've been to cinemas where people shout at the people on the screen, and clap when the hero succeeds. And it was so much fun. I actually prefer that to the quiet cinema. Which do you prefer?

rowdy audiences

One of the things I absolutely love about going to LSC (the student group on campus that has three screenings of two movies every weekend in a big lecture hall on campus... is that people will laugh loudly if there's some stupid line of dialogue or they'll cheer if something cool happens, etc. It makes me feel as if I'm sitting at home watching the movie with a bunch of friends---on a huge screen.

I'm Telling!

I think it's interesting that talking to the manager is only mentioned on the American side. From Pauline's response, it seems that people might have the same reaction in France, but it was only mentioned by Americans. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but I've seen the "I'm Telling!" mentality in a few of the American responses, meaning that they would immediately call on the authority figure for that situation. In the supermarket slap reaction, a few American's mentioned calling the police, the big authority figure in that case. The same was true with the cheating situation, when people said they'd tell the professor. When I was growing up, my parents (and teachers and other adults) told me that if I had a big problem with another kid, I should get an adult to help work it out. I don't know if this is done in France, but it seems like we haven't quite grown out of this phase. Now, as mature adults, we do solve many problems for ourselves, but frequently we just find an authority figure to tattle to. Are children in France taught to deal with problems in the same way as this? If so, why do you think Americans revert to this reaction more?

too much telling?

I agree with Phil. Even in the case of the email peep, more Americans said they would go to a higher authority first. I think it revolves around the whole issue of individual. My arguments: 1) that Americans would rather not approach someone in the wrong just because , well, it is someone else on whose individual space they do not infringe. 2) that arbitration is the American way; consider the size of the legal industry here. Which leads me to a question I've been meaning to ask the French: Are lawsuits as rampant there as they are here? Would you rather sue your neighbour for letting the leaves of his trees fall on your side of the fence or simply persuade him to trim some branches regularly? :)

Let's all go down to the lobby...

So, in the States, after the previews but before the feature presentation, most theaters run a thing encouraging people to go buy refreshments, telling them not to smoke, reminding them to silence their cell phones, and telling them to please be quiet for the movie. Does this happen in France?