Your neighbor in the street

Votre voisin
dans la rue

 assume she is preoccupied with something

He's probably preoccupied

I feel a bit insulted

I say hello and smile.

i tell my parents about it later

i would not notice.

I would say hello to them.

Keep walking, its not that big of a deal

maybe they didn't notice me

Mutter "asshole" under my breath

not surprised, they never say hello

Say hello and think must have a lot on her mind

say hello first

say hello nomatter what

Think they must be having a bad day.

Walk away and speak louder the next time you meet.

Well, that's fine, I can still say hello to him/her.

What an odd person!

Yell back, in case they didn't see me

 il ne m'a pas vu

je dis bonjour quand même

je l'ignore et pense qu'il n en vaut pas la peine

je lui dis bonjour

je lui dis bonjour quand même mais pas la 3ème fois

je lui dit bonjour malgré tout mais je suis véxé

je lui dit bonjour plus fort

je lui dit bonjour, mais n'en pense pas moins
Je lui dit bonjour.

je lui dit bonjour. Parfois on commence à discuter

je n'apprécie pas

je ne dit pas bonjour non plus

Je préfère qu'il/elle ne me salue pas

moi non plus

tant pis, il n'est pas poli


making excuses

I noticed that nearly all French students would say hello anyway, or again, while many American students would take no action but instead formulate excuses for the person (preoccupied, having a bad day). Would a French person be as ready to excuse the rudeness, or would you be seriously offended?