----What strikes me the most about this scene, is the quick reaction of the man who sees the baby the first. The French is looking at the baby for a long time, maybe to make sure he is not dreaming. The American closes the door, and remains a bit chocked before he calls his friend. ----

----When the Americans find the baby, their first reaction is to think that finding the baby is a joke. The French, on the other hand, seem to catch on to the seriousness of the situation faster. I think that the American's reaction shows the general attitude that we have when we find something hard to believe. It seems like a reaction is to think that something hard to believe is a joke or a prank. ----What do you think is the general or common first reacition when you (the French) find something hard to believe? --------

----Salut a tous, ----Il est toujours tres interessant d'observer les differences de reactions et de comportement entre les acteurs mis en jeu dans les deux films. Mais, avant de commencer, remarquons que le film americain est un peu plus recent et explique peut-etre un peu les elements de difference. Les acteurs francais sont beaucoup plus niais et grossiers avec le bebe. C'est l'incomprehension qui domine la majeure partie des relations. Des cris, la plupart du temps montrent leur totale inadaptation a la situation. Les americains, au contraire, ont l'air beaucoup plus "cool", et possedent une plus grande capacite d'adaptation a la situation, comme en temoigne leurs expressions etonnees mais controlees face au couffin. ----J'aimerais beaucoup avoir votre avis sur ces questions... ----A bientot.

----It seem to me that in the French version it takes longer for The French charaters seem to take longer to accept the baby. They spend a lot of time arguing while the baby is left on the doorstep. They discuss returning or giving the baby to someone as though they are trying to avoid the responsibility. Also Pierre leaves before the baby is moved inside. In the American version they don't discuss giving the baby to anyone, instead, they end up making a combined effort to bring the baby in. ----Do you think one group accepts the baby faster than the other? Does this have any cultural implications?