You are sitting at a table, in the non-smoking
section of your favorite bar/café/restaurant, and someone
sitting at the next table lights up a cigarette

 Vous êtes assis à une table
dans la section non-fumeur de votre café/restaurant préféré
et quelqu'un à la table à côté allume
une cigarette

 Ask the waiter to tell them to stop

ask them to put it out or talk to the waitress

ask then to exstinguish it

complain to a friend


give them a dirty look

I ask them if they would please stop smoking

I ask them to put it out.

I ask them to stop.

I remind him this is a non-smoking section

I would be annoyed.

I would probably ignore them.

i would tell a waitress to be relocated or to have that person stop smoking

I'd ask very politely for them not to smoke in the non-smoking section.

i'd be pretty pissed

i'd strongly remind him/her that it is the NON smoking area

I'd tell the management

if I'm with a non-smoking friend, I ask to put it out.

If the smoke bothered me, I would request him to stop.

ignore it


pissed that they won't follow the rules

request that they put it out or go outside.

say "excuse me, could you put that out? it's the non-smoking section."

Start coughing

switch tables

tell the waiter to ask him to extinguish his cigarette

think, how rude

very ruddly put the cigarette out by dumping gallons of water over the head

what the fuck, maybe i should smoke more and eat less

 Cela ne me gêne pas mais je le trouve impoli

Excuser moi monsieur ici c'est non fumeur

j'en allume une aussi

je demande,poliment, à cette personne d'éteindre sa cigarette

Je laisse le responsable lui faire remarquer que c'est non fumeur

je leur signale que le coin et non fumeur

Je lui demande d'éteindre (poliment)

je lui demande d'éteindre sa cigarette

je lui demande de l'éteindre

Je lui demande de l'éteindre ou d'aller voir ailleurs

Je lui demande gentiment s'il peut l'éteindre.

Je lui demande poliement de changer de section.

Je lui demande poliment d'éteindre sa cigarette

je lui demande s'il peut l'éteindre

Je lui dis qu'on est dans une salle non fumeur

je lui explique clairement mais poliment: il l'eteint ou il s'en va

je lui fais remarquer poliment la section non-fum.

je lui fais remarquer qu'il est en tord

Je lui fais remarquer qu'il se trouve dans une zone non-fumeur.

Je lui fait immmédiatement remarquer qu'il ne peut pas fumer ici.

Je lui fait remarquer que c'est un espace non fumeur.

Je lui rappelle gentiment qu'une loi l'en empêche

je lui signale poliment qu'il est dans une zone non fumeur

je ne dis rien car cela ne me gêne pas

Je ne dis rien sauf si cela gêne un de mes amis.

Je ne dis rien sauf si ça me dérange beaucoup.

Je soupire très fort

Je tousse pour qu'il comprenne qu'il me gêne.



I found it intersting that most of the responses on the french side resulted in the individual either asking the smoker to stop or doing something to counteract it.

My impression of europe in general is that lots of people smoke there, and something like someone violating no smoking rules would be commonplace. Is this not the case? I assumeed that the response from the french to this would be like Americans reacting to someone not using their turn signal(it's not legal or polite, but no one screams or honks). Maybe that's a bad example, but my point is the same. If something impolite becomes commonplace, people generally tend to ignore it.

Has smoking not reached that stage? If it has, is there a strong anti-tobacco campaign?

Je crois que ton opinion sur l'ampleur que prend les fumeurs s'avère exact en France. Dans le train, par exemple, les wagons non fumeurs ne sont plus respectés, et même quand un controleur passe dans le coin, et voit une personne fumer, il ne lui demande rien. Cependant certaines personnes ont encore du savoir-vivre et savent s'abstenir de fumer dans certains lieux.

Salut à tous!

Malheureusement je suis bien obligé de faire comme vous ce triste constat. Les français fument beaucoup (plus que les américains?). Et rien ne semble pouvoir empêcher cela. On augmente les prix, les gens continuent de fumer. On montre combien ils détruisent leur santé, ils continuent de fumer. Je pense donc que ce n'est pas parce qu'on dira à ces personnes qu'elles sont dans un train, que cela les empêchera de fumer. Le gouvernement a beau nus pondre une belle loi, je ne pense pas qu'elle soit applicable dans la réalité. Comment empêcher quequ'un de fumer dans un café ou dans un pub?

know in boston that they recently banned smoking in all restaurants. that's just one measure the government is taking to try and stop smoking. i think the french and american responses were very similar. i noticed overall that the french were more direct. more people would just tell the person to stop smoking. however, there were a quite of few americans that would tell the waitress or indirectly make it known that their smoking was bothersome.

I was also surprised to see that the french would take the initiative to ask someone to stop smoking. When I visited France, smoking was so commonplace that I could not imagine asking someone to stop.

I definately think that a larger percentage of the people in France smoke in comparison to the US.

Do French restaurants have non-smoking areas? And how do the compare in size to the smoking areas?

In the US, in the restaurants that having smoking areas, the smoking areas are significantly smaller.

Is there a very big anti smoking campain there in france?


I was wondering if any of you who would ask someone to stop smoking in a non-smoking section are yourselves smokers? Also, which "type" of people smoke in France? Do educated people smoke, or mostly uneducated? It is ironic that here in the US we have a very strong anti-smoking campaign, yet we are very overweight and have the highest incidence of heart disease in the world, mostly because of our high intake of fat and cholesterol!!