You have been waiting at a line for ten minutes.
Someone cuts the line in front of you.

 Vous faites la queue depuis dix minutes.
Quelqu'un passe juste devant vous dans la file d'attente

 do nothing

give 'em hell (this happened once at McDonalds)

I ask for my spot back

I break his legs

I explain that I've been waiting in line and that I'm in a hurry

I politely tell them where the end of the line is.

I probably wouldn't say anything, but it would really annoy me

I would complain under my breath but let it go.

I would explain where the end of the line is.

i would get angry but wouldn't do anything about it

I would let them know where the end of the line is.

I would say "Excuse Me, I was on line."

I would say "i'm sorry, but the back of the line is behind me!

I'd say "Excuse me, the end of the line is over there."

If it is right in front of me, I would ask them what they are doing

If their friend was already there, grumble. Otherwise step on their heels.

If they are nearby, say "this is a line"

ignore it

inform them politely that they should go to the end of the line

let them stand there, it's only 2-3 more minutes

nothing because i know i've done it before

nudge them to move out of the way, who the hell do they think they are

say "i'm sorry, the line is behind me", and not let them get by.

shoot them right between the eyes

tell him that i have been waiting for a long time - can he move out of my w

tell him/her off

Tell them that you've been waiting and they should too.

tell them where the line starts


wouldn't really care

 "cher monsieur,voudriez-vous attendre votre tour!"

2 sec plus tard il est de nouveau derrière moi

ça dépend: si je suis pressé je ne le laisse pas sinon c'est pas grave

intrigué,je lui demande pourquoi

je fais une remarque tranchante sans l'insulter

je l'engeule et le fais passer derrière moi, de gré ou de force

Je l'informe poliment qu'il doit faire la queue.

je le prie de faire la queue

je le tue du regard

Je leur dis fermement de repasser derrière moi.

je lui demande ce qui l'autorise à agir ainsi

Je lui demande de repasser derrière.

Je lui demande de reprendre sa place, on est tous à la même enseigne.

Je lui dis : "excusez-moi, le bout de la queue est là bas..."

Je lui dis d'aller faire la queue derrière moi.

Je lui dis de faire la file comme tout le monde

je lui fais remarquer

je lui fais remarquer et signale mon mécontentement

Je lui fais signe que j'étais arrivé avant lui.

Je lui fais un réflexion devant tout le monde

je lui fait gentillement comprendre qu'il n'a pas le droit

Je lui fait remarquer son impolitesse.

Je lui repasse devant.

Je me tais ou fais une petite remarque désobligeante

je n'intervient pas

je ne dis rien mais je n'en pense pas moins

s'il vous plait vous n'êtes pas tout seul

si j'ai le temps, ça passe, sinon, je lui demande ses raisons

tell him/her off


Apparemment nous avons exactement les memes statistiques...tres peu d'entre nous (et d'entre vous) se laisse faire sans rien dire. Est-ce que cette situation arrive souvent chez vous??? Chez nous c'est un peu la folie au mac do par exemple...

Je note une difference entre nos reponses et les votres. Je vous trouve plus spontanes, plus durs d'un certain point de vue, que nous qui 'prions ' la personne de passer derriere... Je comprends votre reaction (et j'aurais la meme) car il ne faut pas se laisser marcher sur les pieds et si on demande trop poliment on risque de ne pas etre entendu...

Yes, things like that happen every once in a while. Here in the US people tend to be non-confrontational, in my opinion, so few people even try to cut in line. However those things do happen a lot in high school, for example. I also found the reactions to be similar- we aren't very different after all! as for the "priority list" for reactions - isn't that human nature? we react differently to the same general issue, if you change a few of the minor variables!!! i would act differently depending on who is cutting line and when!!! sometimes it really isn't worth more than a glare.

It is reasonable to think reactions would be similar in both cultures, as was apparent with the responses. I agree that it depends on who is cutting in line and what the line is for. I haven't had it happen at all here, but in high school it is very common, especially for lunch lines. No one wants to wait in line so a lot of people cut. Typically, seniors do because they think it is there "right" to cut since they've had to wait for the previous three years. Then there are the very impatient or "think they're cool for cutting" people, typically juniors and sophomores. It was extremely annoying. One just ignored it most of the time. There was nothing you could do. Honestly, the extra 2 min. doesn't make much difference. everyone would do it sooner or later. Do people cut in lines very often there?

megane, en France aussi les gens n'aiment pas faire la queue et sont assez impatients. Moi meme je n'aime pas trop attendre et il m'arrive quelques fois de ne pas attendre pon tour et de passer devant quelques prsonnes. Les personnes agées se sentent souvent privilégiées par le nombre des années et se faufilent discretement.On les laisse faire parfois mais on ne l'admet pas facilement.Il n'empeche qu'il est impoli de passer devant les gens et nous devons prendre notre mal en patience car tout le monde se trouve dans le meme cas.

I haven't experienced people cutting in line for quite some time. I think it occurred mostly when I was younger - like in elementary school or at amusement parks. I think some adults are just as impatient as children, but they just know that cutting in line isn't going to save that much time anyway. Do you find that you witnessed cutting in line more when you were younger than now?

I agree that most adults know better than to cut in line -- it is just a matter of being polite. But the other day my sister was in a mall (in a clothing store) and some woman tried to cut in line in front of her, and when my sister pointed this out to her, the woman started yelling "stupid american, you have no respect for your elders" or something like that (I guess the woman wasn't from America). So I guess there are still some adults out there who think that since they are older, they can do these things (just like in the high school lunch room).

As many of us have said, adults don't seem to cut nearly as much as kids do. Do you find the similar situation in France? There are always people who still cut even when they are 40, but they will never learn that they don't save time.

I think another aspect of the situation that is important here that was not brought up in th equesiton is how long of a line it is and where are you cutting. Everyone is saying that extra 2 m inutes won't hurt you waiting, but imagine youare that person that i s cutting the line nad you jsut saved yourself 2 hours wait....i think the story would be different then. Also, another variation, what if you all are waiting in line to buy something and that person who cut you just got the last one.....?

I definitely agree with the fact that cutting in line is a pretty juvenile thing to do. As we grow up, maybe we realize that the extra few minutes isn't going to kill us, and that being impatient and pushing your way to the front is just plain rude. As younger kids, I think we always think we have to be the first to do everything, or the first to get to something. We don't realize that in the end, it's all the same...

Stephanie, I don't remember the last time someone has cut me in line. I think whether or not I were to say something to someone who cut me off, would depend on their age and on the environment. If they were older, I would let it go. If they were younger (say, at an amusement park) I would tell them where to go (.. to the end of the line, of course!) In elementary school, I used to do "twosies, backsies", which is let someone cut in line behind you. This 'game' tends to make the person behind you mad.... it used to go on forever until the teacher made us stand in alphabetical order. The kids I babysit for do "twosies, backsies" too. Did you ever play such foolish games?