You meet one of your neighbors on the street.He/she does not say hello

Vous rencontrez votre voisin/e dans la rue. Il/elle ne vous dit pas bonjour

 Bad mouth them in my head

don't care

first i'd think they were rude

He must be busy or occupied with something

i nod a hello and pass on

I say hello anyway

I say hello, and I am very pissed off.

I shout out, "yo yo what's uy?"

i think that either they're being rude or they don't recognize me

I think they may be having a bad day.

I will still say hello and hope for a response

I would think that he didn't see me or chose to ignore me.

I wouldn't say hello either.

I'd say hello.

I'd say hi, and continue walking.

ignore it

Keep on walking

keep walking

never mind

say "hello" and walk past him.

say hello and keep walking

shrug it off. i'm not close to my neighbors.

stop him/her and say hello

that was rude...

they're in a funk, they are avoiding me, they're tired

think that they probably didn't see me

wonder what could have happened

Wonder what is the matter.

Wonder why, possibly had I done something to them

you nod, smile, and continue walking.

 de toute façon elle est vieille et moche alors...

don't care

Il ne m'a pas vu, ce n'est pas grave

il ne m'a pas vu. C'est moi qui lui dit bonjour

Je cris bien fort pour le rendre mal à l'aise

je dis bonjour sur un ton insistant

je dis quand même bonjour

Je fais le premier pas en lui disant bonjour

Je l'aborde et lui dit bonjour,il/elle est obligé(e) de me répondre

Je l'ignore et je retiens

Je l'interpelle, lui rappellant qui je suis.

Je le déteste

Je le laisse, il ne m'a peut-être pas vu.

Je lui dis bonjour et ne lui en veux pas pour autant

je lui dis bonjour très fort la fois suivante

je lui dis bonjour, et en cas de non-réponse je n'insiste pas

je lui dis bonjour, à voix très haute

je lui dis très fort bonjour

Je me dis que c'est un mal poli peu sympathique.

Je n'y prends pas garde.

je ne lui dis pas bonjour non plus

Je ne lui dis pas bonjour non plus et je me demande pourquoi il m'ignore.

Je ne suis pas content mais je ne dis rien.

je passe tout droit

je pense qu'elle n'est pas polie.

Je pense qu'il ne m'a pas vu.

quel snob!

tant pis

tant pis


J'ai l'impression que les Français ont plus tendance que les Américains à vouloir forcer l'autre à leur dire bonjour, en lui disant bonjour assez fort.

I agree with antoine. the french tend to be more agressive. there were responses on the french side that had to do with stopping the neighbor and making it known that they had ignored them. i know personally that i wouldn't care even if they did see me and were purposely ignoring me. i think americans in general tend to be more apathetic about things.

Salut. Eh bien, pour beaucoup, ne pas dire bonjour est une attitude condamnable qui mérite représaille. Mais dans ce cas, qui est le plus mal-poli, ou le plus individualiste. Ca peut arriver, il ne vous a peut être pas vu. Peut on vraiment juger quelqu'un sur UNE seule et simple impression ?

Many people here simply nod their heads when they pass by someone they know. Sometime they wave and say hello, but most of the time simple eye contact and a nod showing recognition is enough. Kind of strange when you think about it...

I think that this type of interaction varies from place to place in the United States. For instance, the attitude in the midwest is very friendly, and people say hi to people they don't know all the time, and no one thinks anything of it. A neighbor not acknowledging one's presence would probably be considered somewhat rude. However, over here in Boston on the east coast, people tend to be less outgoing. You don't see as many people greeting others just for fun, and if a neighbor didn't say hi after one had acknowledged them, it probably wouldn't be a big deal.

I agree very much with adeline... people here are very uptight about personal contact, as if there is some magical 3 foot bubble around everyone which prevents anyone from entering. Very odd indeed. at home, the usual greeting is a handshake among men, or a kiss among women and mixed company- people usually do not think twice about it... it's just a sign of friendship. If i tried that here i'd probbly wind up in a few uncomfortable situations.