A "good" parent is someone...

Un "bon" parent est un parent...

who raises their children with integrity and creat

who supports you

who gives unconditional love

who is loving and always there for you.

that guides his children.

who you can talk to, who cares, who supports you

who guides a child without being overbearing.

who knows how much discipline to administer.

who loves and cares unconditionally

who sets a good example.

who is understanding

like mine

who is supportive

who gives you strength, support, lessons, and love

who cares about you and helps you succeed.

who loves you and cares for you

who is caring and protective.

who cares, loves, teaches and leads by example.

who lets you make your own decisions.

gives you freedom to show responsibilty

who always encourages their child

who is supportive and treats you as an adult.

who understands when your views differ.

who lets me be with my girlfriend .

who teaches you and supports you.

who provides for and shows affection for the kids

spends time with the children

you can tell almost anything, bakes cookies

who try to comprehend your problems


qui sait te conseiller quand tu as un problème

te supporte

qui éduque ses enfants

attentif et confiant

discret mais attentif

sait guider en laissant libre.

qui a confiance en ses enfants.


qui s'occupe de ses enfants

qui vous aime.

qui enseigne à leur enfants.


avec qui je m'entends bien



attentionné et compréhensif

qui écoute et règle les problèmes de
ses enfants

qui aime malgré la différence

qui sait avoir de l'autorité si nécessaire


qui pardonne


qui donne de l'argent


----I get the impression that many of you seem to whole-heartedly welcome ample parental involvement in your lives; even to the point of being claustrophobic. Statistically speaking, what is the average age of young people when they move out of their parent's home? Is there a correlation between this age and the unemployment rate in young adults?

----Both the french and the american students said that a good parent cares for their children. However, the american students stressed that a good parent will listen to their child, whereas the french students said that a good parent will simply pay attention to their child. Do French kids openly communicate with their parents or is it that French tradition mandates that children not communicate openly? ---- ----

----Reading through our surveys , I conclude that , neglecting some small differences , we have the same reactions on the given questions , except those relating to what is a good parent , what is a good child , how would we react if we see mother slaping her child in the street , etc ... Well , it seems to me that there is a big difference between american and french families considering relations parents-children and conversely . I have an impression that in France parents are much more authoritative , and I would say that that is how it should be . In America a lot of kids consider their parents as good friends , and that's not enough for raising children . That's reason why in America there is much more crime , the big part of the youth is into drugs , the family values in general are much weaker than in France . I think that french parents spend more time with their children , take more control of them, but in such a way that later those kids when they grow up are thankful to their parents for being strict . To build a well behaved individual , child must be limited , and parents should slap them when they deserve that . Couple of questions for french students : Did you often want your parents to be less strict when you were just kids ? Are you thankful now for your parents be more authoritative in those times ? How much time per day did your parents spend with you ? Do you love your parents ? and : Are you going to try to be as good parents as yours were ? Or are you going to change a lot of things in raising your kids ? Are you going to let your kids go out before the age of 16 ? ----

----yesterday in class we made the observation that the french students thought a good parent was someone who was involved and guided their child (on average) as opposed to the american students, who on average valued parents who gave their child independence and respected them as an individual adult. from my limited experience, american parents are in general over- bearing and intrusive. friends of mine, and people i know who have lived in france their whole lives in general are allowed much more independence by their parents. parents in france seem to have more of their own social lives, they travel without their children more, and let their children have much freedom american offspring don't have. was the description of a good parent an ideal, which people were striving for? or was is a description of their positive experiences? it seems to me it is more the former than the latter. how do the french students feel about their parents?