rich green

car, society

dollars, power, allowance, college, pain, stealing

job, company, consumers

dollars, millionaires

green, wealth

status, power

green, job

buy, purchase


dollar, green, work

luxury, work

green, greed, paper


means to obtain things

purchase, buy

work, pleasure, blood

cash, spend, greedy, luxury

shopping, job, capitalism

dollars, spending, rich

career, luxury, capital

Dollar bills, green

materialism, life, debt

Greed, Wealth

greed, chances, priorities

Corruption, Inequality

green, evil, necessary

green, dollar, smelly

cash, work

 gagner, cigarettes, alcool

Euros, échanges, dollar

nécessité, survivre, euro

pouvoir, acheter, salaire


nécessaire, pouvoir,capitalisme

banque, monnaie

pouvoir d'achat riche pauvre consommation

pièces, CB, acheter

concept matériel, ce qui rassure

billet, épargne, banque

sous, or, monnaie


pouvoir, liquide


richesse, pauvreté, travail


pouvoir, aisance, facilité


vital, subsistance, billet

moyen,nécessaire pour vivre,consommer


Euros, échanges, dollar


Euro, billets, pièces

nécessaire pour vivre, obsession actuelle

pouvoir, réussite

travail, nécessaire

spéculation, consommation


For both countries, money symbolizes different things. First, it gives you power, allow you to buy what you want. Second, you need to work to earn it; it is necessary to live. Third, many think in the different changes : French especially think in euros for example.

The word "Euro" is quoted four times on the left, whereas "Dollar" is quoted five times and "green" seven times on the right. For french people as for americans money is first of all the money of the home country (excepted that Europe doesn't exist yet, and it's funny to notice that it is hardly spoken about Franc) On both sides, money is an important thing, and it is necessary to have some, but french people are more sensitive to the difference it creates, while Americans seem to be more preoccupated by the excesses some people can do for money. For american people, money seems to be the result of the work alone, whereas french people seem to consider it as the result of a success. Earning money in the US is therefore not shameful, while in France, money seems to be dirtier. The categories that are involved on both sides are : the material thing (notes, coins, color of the notes) and (every-day) life. On the left the success category is more used, on the right the work one is more activated.

Looking at the words that Americans associate with money versus the words that the French associate with money, I notice that Americans see a more negative connotation to money. The french seem to think that money is important and is "necessary" for survival, hence the words "necessary" and "job/work" come up very often. However, Americans think that money is bad, and think of greed and spending when they think of the word.

I wouldnt say that the American respones are overall more negative. I think they are more polarized. The words

luxury, green, wealth, power, status, shopping

are not negative. In my opinion, they represent aspiration. People want all these things, and in America, money is the one thing that will get it. I think the saying is very true:

Money does not make you happy. But the lack of it makes you unhappy.

It seems like Americans are more concerned with where money comes from and the "pros" of it, such as status, luxury, power and wealth. Where French are more aware of the effects and need for it.

The French and Americans think of money in completely different ways. The French attitude is primarily neutral- money is necessary for survival. Overall, money does not have either negative or positive connotations. Americans, on the other hand, associate money with evil and greed. They think of it only in excess amounts and the bad that it can cause.

I think that our assocation with money is rather positive. It is fun to dream of the luxuries that money can attain. It is rather negative to think of money as a necessity, though I understand that it is one. Also, the word 'green' appeared several times... do you associate color, size,or designs with your bills? Do you think of Haute Couture and art? What do you believe is the major difference in your culture that causes you to associate money the way that you do?

En reponse a Natalie, je pense que pour l'instant, nous n'associons pas l'argent avec sa couleur, sa taille, ... En effet, nous sommes dans une periode de transition monetaire donc devrions-nous nous referer au Franc ou a l'Euro? Pour l'instant, c'est encore le Franc qui s'impose et le changement n'en est qu'a ses debuts

The French and Americans view money in different perspectives. In france, money is associated with necessity and capability. In the U.S., money is adored. It is associated with power, greed, conspiracy and therefore has a negative connotation.

would need to disagree with my colleagues that want to associate money with negative images, money is not an asnwer, nor is it the ultimate goal, its just a means of getting there. It's the work or success that leads to the luxury or survivibilty, money is just a middle ground, that puts a quantifier on the amout of work/success you have done and how much you will get in return.