A mother in a supermarket slaps her child.

Une mère dans un supermarché
gifle son enfant.

Situational. If it really bothers you, at least give a severe

She shouldn't.

I'm annoyed.

if the child was acting up...it's okay

She is a bad mother.

I would feel sorry for the abused child but unable to do anything
about it.

It depnds; say something or give a severe look if it really
bothers you.

I would be surprised, but figure she was disciplining her

Poor kid with a psycho mom.

non of my business!

I think she has bad parenting skills depending on where she

Depending on the severity of the slap, I would commend her
or report her.

I am disgusted by the mother's cruel act.

It is none of my business, but I am angry

ignore it

I think it is good that the child is being disciplined

I am offended and shocked, but I don't do anything


I respect other's people views about how to educate childeren


Je suis mal a l'aise mais je considere que le gosse l'a merite.

c est bien fait pour lui il avait cas bien se tenir

je me rappelle de pariels moments de mon enfance

Si elle le fait, c'est qu'elle avait raison

Cela me fait mal au coeur

Je n'interviens pas ,car ce ne sont pas mes affaires

Je l'engueule si elle abuse

Pas de reaction

Cela ne me regarde pas.

Je la desapprouve mais je ne dis rien

Je me bouche les oreilles pour eviter les cris

si ce n'est pas merite, c'est une mere indigne

Je detourne le regard, et pense qu'il y a d'autres moyens
de reprimander!

Je detourne le regard, et pense qu'il y a d'autres moyens
de reprimander!

Cela me choque.

Je suis un peu choque, mais n'intervient pas

Je suis un peu choque, mais n'intervient pas

je lui en fais la remarque ou la regarde severement

Je n'aime pas ca, mais il ne vaut mieux pas intervenir sans
savoir la cause

Je fais comme si je n'avais rien vu


I don't think your original impression has no merit. If you read the results for "A good parent is someone..." in the sentence completion survey, you will see that the French students seem to see more authority in their parents than we do. We just want our parents to be our friends.

I always had the impression that parental discipline in France and in Europe in general was much more strict than in the United States, and that physical punishment was not uncommon and not nearly as controvesial as in the Unitied States. The responses to the "mother slaps child" question do not seem to corroborate my situation -- many on both sides were shocked and considered this child abuse. Is there any merit to my impression?

Je suis d'accord avec toi Victor, il me semble que nos reactions dependent avant tout de notre personnalite et du vis-a-vis . Entre nos deux pays, je ne pense pas que les regles de la politesse et du comportement soient suffisament differentes pour que la culture entre en ligne de compte dans nos reactions

I agree that the reaction surveys showed almost identical responses from both sides. I think there is less disparity in this survey than the previous two because this survey does not test ideas as much. I think the way people react to everyday situations do have more correlation with personality than culture.

I agree that a person's reaction to particular situations may be heavily based on one's personality, but I do think that there are certain cultural tendencies that add flavour to the response. For example, there are very strict laws which govern how a child can be disciplined in the US. Is this the case in France. I think that in Europe and many non US states, parents are given more leeway in terms of discipline.