911, safety
abusive, helpful
Academy, car
arrest, enforcement, law
baton, flashlight
blue, scary, loud
car, siren, crime
cop, policeman
crime, guns, drug education
crime, help, emergency
crime, officers
Crime, order
crime, theft, security
force, integrity, uniform
Law, Civil Enforcement, Strict
lazy, ineffective
officer, car, 911
oppression, fear, order
pigs, guns
pigs, po-po
police car, uniforms, guns
policecar, policeman, ticket
prison gun
rules, law, uniform
sirens, prisons
speeding tickets, parking tickets
state, action, thought
the law, cops, unintelligent
uniforms, jail, guns

arrestation, violence
autorité, ordre
Autorité Force Sécurité
crs, inquisition, millice
droit, respect
gendarmerie, proctection, vol, exces de vitesse
gouvernement, pouvoir
inspecteur, securité
keuf, sécurité, uniforme
maintien de l'ordre, amende, crs, prison
Ordre, Ennuis
ordre, loi, sécurité
ordre, repression
ordre, répression, bavures
ordre, discriminations
profession, necessaire
répression, abus, protection
répression, CRS
securite, repression
securite, voilence, suicide
sécurité autorité
sécurité, criminalité
sécurité, loi,
sécurité, peur
sécurité, respect, ordre
Sécurité, Répression


que veut dire po-po ??? et quel est le rapport avec la police ?

Are the police in France more effective, or is there simply less crime there? We often hear about crime on the news, sometimes those committed by law enforcers themselves, so it becomes harder to respect them, and everyone (the media, especially) is quick to blame someone, so it makes us feel like our system is not doing its job right. However, if we were to respond to the word "government," i'm sure there would be many negative words on our side as well, so I wonder if we are just more critical of our institutions in general. Are you very satisfied with your country's system, or do you think that there are many changes that need to be made?

When you think about being a police office, do you feel that it is an honorable, respectable job? Do you feel that intelligent people are officers?

First, I am not familiar with the term "po-po" so I can't answer that question. I honestly have never heard that term used before.

In regards to your other question, I believe that the rapport with the police is based on individual's experiences. Although I have had positive experiences with the police, overall I have an extremely negative view of them. I despise their attitude that they are above the law and can do whatever they want. Also, this past summer in New York City, there was the Puerto-Rican Day parade. After the parade was over, a large group of men became extremely roudy and began to attack women. Certain individuals taped the scene which was later released on the news. The scene was out of control. When people went to the police for help, they did nothing!!! Some even saw what was going on and did nothing. Therefore, I have lost all respect for the police and worry that if I ever got into a situation when I needed help that I wouldn't be able to count on them.

Po-po was used by renowned rap star Master P in refering to the police. You should check out his songs, especially the one called, "Pass me the green, I need some weed with my henessey."

a quick note: po-po is slang for police

In the United States there seems to be a feeling of distrust for the police. I think this feeling is a result of the many instances of corruption or violence that have been brought into the media light, whether if be an issue of race, gender, freedom... America is country where citizens are quick to rebel under any assumption of oppression, where any authority is the oppressor whether it be true at times or not. Often times, the police inadvertantly fall into the role of the oppressor but more times than not, police exist to enforce the law.

It seems to me that the view of the police in France is more positive, and is based more on ideals rather than individual physical things. For example, in the U.S., when we think of police we think of all the negatives: tickets, sirens, crime, etc. While in France it seems that you use words like order, security, authority to describe the police. Do the police in France have a good relationship with the general public? In the U.S. i would say there is a more negative relationship between the two.

Effectivement, la police française semble plus apréciée, pour autant, elle connait aussi des affaires de corruption mais surtout de bavures, et ce surtout lorsqu'il sagit de banlieu. Pour autant, même si comme vous le policier moyen n'est pas considéré comme un exemple d'intelligence, il y a un certain respect.

Cela peut paraitre anodin, mais vous faätes beaucoup état de la voiture de police. Doit-on comprendre que chez vous on ne voit les policiers en patrouille qu'en voiture? De notre part, on les voient souvent marchant sur les trotoirs, c'est peut-être ce qui les rends plus humains...

Most police travel by car, and for many people the only time they encounter the police is when they are getting a speeding ticket or get pulled over for some other reason. It is much more common to see see police in cars rather than on horses or bikes, and that probably adds to the negative stereotypes given to the police in the United States.

Hello, It's interesting but policemen on bicylcles for example are considered a joke. The MIT police for example are as non-policelike as it gets. You pretty much need to be ina a police car to be taken seriously...bizarre but true.

I am guessing that 'bavure' means mistakes...do the police in France often make big mistakes?

It's interesting because your view of the Police seems to largely depend on your walk in life. For example, older people generally have a more positive view of the police while they are less popular with the younger generation.

It's too bad but the police are generally sterotyped as donut-eaters and 'pigs'...they're not terribly popular.

Do the French police all carry guns?

Hi Guillaume,

The police who are on foot usually just write parking tickets and aren't allowed to take care of other matters, so if they don't have cars, we don't even really think of them as policemen. At the same time, though, I agree that the car aspect makes the police seem more distante from us whereas I have a better impression of security guards who in my dorm are very friendly.

Salut Jeri'Ann,

En France tous les policiers portent des armes à feu, mais leur emploi est assez reglementé et souvent lorsqu'ils tirent les premiers, on les accuse souvent de bavures, (on = la famille et les proches de la victime). Je dirai à première vue qu'il y a une vrai bavure par an, mais c'est peut-être exagéré car les média aiment ce genre d'histoire et ont tendance à emplifier la réalité... Mais en fait cela doit rester quand même assez peu fréquent même si, très, très médiatique, heureusement pas encore au point de l'affaire Rodney King et de ses débordements.

Réponse à Neville à propos de po-po :

Neville, ce post n'a rien à voir avec le sujet mais je voulais juste savoir si tu écoutes beaucoup de rap. Pour ma part, j'aime beaucoup cette musique et je possède pas mal de CDs (dont entre autres l'album de Master P "Who U Wit'"). Donc cela serait sympa si tu pouvais me faire découvrir des trucs et si t'es intéressé je pourrais aussi de faire découvrir le rap français.

To continue Timothy's point, pedestrians in the US rarely interact with policemen unless they are getting "busted". It is for this reason(the lack of knowledge/interaction with policemen) that many negative stereotypes regarding them have been formed. In addition, they are renowned for eating only donuts. While this sounds funny, it is generally the case and therefore furthers the "lazy" stereotype. Do the police in France interact(in a friendly manner) with pedestrians often?

Les élèves américains semblent assez fiers de leur police. Je considère ceci comme une conséquence logique de votre patriotisme. Qu'en pensez vous ?

Hello Jean, I really don't think that there is much pride associated with the police in the US. The perception and sterotypes are pretty negative and not terribly flattering. There are some movies and tv shows that attempt to glorify the police but I don't think people are very proud of them in general. Maybe someone else sees it in another way...

I agree with Jeri'Ann about the negative stereotypes here. In Canada, the police (The Mounties) take a lot of ribbing, but it often seems more good natured. But I am not very familiar with police in the U.S.