movement protest

service, community



comraderee, unions, proletariat, class, ethnicity

unity, group, cause

alone, thinking

worker's unions

cohesion, togetherness

loan, one

friends, team

movement, strength

stable, good

alone, isolated



blood, Walensa, home

power, struggle, unity, protest

trees, Maine, island

strength, solid, grounded


unity, flag

community, standards, group


alliances, understanding,

love, support, friendship


alone, somber, strict

unity, together

 social, argent, pitié

Soutient, aider, écouter

aide, efficace

force, union


entraide, amis, sécurité sociale

indispensable, humanitaire

altruisme s'ouvrir aux autres

aide, secours

aide, action humanitaire

aide aux nécessiteux,RMI

aide, ensemble, soutien

entraide,sécurité sociale

groupe, confiance, entre-aide


entraide, socialisme, partage

entre-aide,cohésion sociale

entraide, action, oublié


partage, fraternité, poignée de main


Croix rouge,Bosnie

Soutient, aider, écouter


humanitaire, restaurants du coeur, SIDA

choix personnel , spontané , associations

justice, aide

groupe, liens

abbé Pierre, Coluche


I don't understand why you have used "Walensa", "Maine", "grounded","comraderee", to talk about solidarity. I have noticed that in France, "entraide and humanitaire" had been used frequently.In USA you often talk about "friends,togetherness, power". I have been surprised by the often used word "alone".I think when there is solidarity, there is no aloneness.

Yes, i was very surprised by the use of the word "alone" also, I did not make any sense to me. But then somebody told me that the person who wrote it might have been thinking that when you are ALONE you feel like you need solidarity and that might be a decent explanation. Nevertheless i was still disappointed with the responses from the Americans because it seemed like they really did not know the meaning of solidarity, while the French exhibited more understanding for it by describing it like: "entraide, humanitaire, soutient et compassion".

who are the persons in US most implicated in solidarity?(would you please describe their action) (not only by the political way)

I dont know who put it down, but Walesa is a Polish polititian, who was the most prominent person associated with the anti-communist Solidarity movement there ("Solidarnost" I think). Later he became president of Poland after the fall of communism.

it is surprising to see the way Americans describe Solidarity by the words:"Power, flag..." In France, we don't have the same meaning for this word. I think it is from the difference between our societies: in France, our is based on solidarity, with the important part socialism (it doesn't have the same meaning than in former East Europe)took in our political past. For example, we have the "Sécurité Sociale" which help people to pay their medical expenses. It is a social organism, and it is opened to everyone.