A "successful" evening with friends
is an evening...

Une soirée "réussie"
avec des amis est une soirée où...

with French wine

good music, active people

which is full of energy and energetic people.

that has fun people and music

that is loud, smaller, friendly & fun-filled.

that is packed

with my friends

that is fun

in which you don't have to try to have fun.

with good music, intelligent people, and no booze!

with cute, out-going girls and great music.

where people have ffun, like New Year's eve party

where there is good music, good food and fun folk.

where you have fun.

that jams

where you find your friends, has alcohol

where everyone is having fun.

that is best left to the immagination

that you don't want to leave even if you're tired

you can't remember.


l on s est amuse

on s'amuse ( et on boit )

l' on s'est fait de nouveaux ami(e)s

l'on s'est bien amuse

l'ambiance est chaude

l'on s'amuse entre ami(e)s

je m'amuse

la majorite des invites en sort enchantee

on s'est bien amuse

on s'amuse, on fait des rencontres interessantes

on se sent bien dans sa peau

personne ne pense a autre chose

tout le monde s'amuse bien

tout le monde s'amuse

on a bien rit, ou tout le monde s'est amuse


----JE pense qu'il y a effectivement beaucoup de difference entre party et time with friends. Party, pour nous soiree, et un endroit ou l'on danse, on boit,... on fait la fete quoi.. C'est comme dans une discotheque en quelques sortes.On y rencontre plein de gens , et beaucoup qu'on ne connait pas. ----Time with friends, et quelque chose de completement different: on se rencontre avec des amis pour discuter de tout et de rien, pour aller jouer,.... ----Je pense que les reponses qui ont ete donnees par les francais concernaient plutot une soiree ou l'on va pour danser, pour voir du monde... Quant aux reponses des ameicains, elles semblent regrouper les deux sortes de soirees, mais qu'en est il vraiment???

----Hi, ----I was reading the responses regarding "a good time with friends..." and I thought it was interesting that while all the American responses seemed to describe an evening with specific details (it's small, it's loud, with my friends), most of the french responses just said "to have a good time". Is this because most French parties are relatively similar in style, that the make or break for a party is whether you have a good time, or is it just that most everyone "knows" (as in it's culturally understood) what a "good" party consists of so there isn't much to be said? Or is it that there are so many different meaning for "party" or "time with my friends" in English, that we feel that we must be really explicit in defining what me mean? ----Nat G