You have just lost the expensive camera your parents
lent you for a special occasion

 Vous venez de perdre l'appareil photo que
vos parent vous avaient prêté pour une occasion

 "S**T!!! What's wrong with me???"

Admit to them that I lost it.

crap, i'm absent-minded, but i probably have wasted more money on food

Don't tell them till they ask for it, then pretend to look for it.

feel really guilty

fell like a dummy

I buy another one for them. (this is difficult, my camera costs100x theirs)

I look for the camera, and ask my friends if they have seen it.

I steal another one from the camera store

I try to figure out where I left it, then call my parents crying

i would be mad at myself for losing it

I would be upset and mad at myself for my carelessness.

I would let them know first thing

I would panic and then call my parents right away.

I would see if I could find it.

I'd apologize and start saving to replace it.

i'd be really sorry and nervous, would try to pay them back

I'd try to find it

i'm fucked, crank out the credit card and it's time to go shopping

look for it, anxiety

oops! apologize and give them the money to buy a new one.


scream, yell, swear, make noise and throw things.

talk to my parents

tell them about it, may buy them another one

tell them and offer to buy a new one

tell them of the loss, then go to the relevant lost and found.

tell them, and apologize

try to make money to buy the same model

uh-oh. Probably buy another camera.

 C'est fait, il faut leur annoncer

embêté,je leur explique la situation

J'essaie par tous les moyens de le retrouver, sinon je le rachète.

j'essaye d'en racheter un, j'en parle à mes parents

j'essaye de le retrouver et je leur signale la perte

j'informe mes parents le plus rapidemment possible

je fait tout pour esayer de le retrouver sinon...

Je le cherche

Je le cherche partout et je panique si je ne le trouve pas.

Je le cherche partout.

je le retrouve

Je leur achète un nouvel appareil.

je leur annonce au téléphone et invente une histoire

Je leur annonce, et je leur en achète un autre.

Je leur dit et je fais tout mon possible pour réparee cette erreur.

Je leur dit et propose de le rembourser

je m'en veux énormément

je m'excuse plusieurs fois et j'en rachète un autre

je me cache dans un trou et j'hiberne pendant 10 ans mais avant je leur dis

Je me cogne la tête contre le mur et essaye de le retrouver à tout prix

Je me dis "MERDE MERDE MERDE !!!"

je me prépare à leur expliquer la situation

Je n'ai décidemment pas de chance.

je rachète cet appareil photo et m'excuse auprès de mes parents

Je rachète le même, ou un autre équivalent

je sais que je ne vais pas en dormir

Je suis très embêtée, et essaye de leur racheter le même.


PANIQUE!!!! et calcul rapide de ce qu'il reste sur mon compte


We pretty much have the same reaction with losing a camera. It is interesting that some people say that they would buy a new do you explain the lost film with captured memories?

Hi World

je remarque que les deux questionnaires diffèrent dans leur formulation: "the expensive camera" <> "l'appareil photo", ce qui aurait du amener des réponses différentes, or il n'en est rien et comme tu le relève justement, les français comme les américains ne voient que la perte d'un objet materiel. Or il s'agit d'une occasion spéciale, les photos sont donc perdues à jamais et nous ne semblons pas choqués outre mesure. N'est pas un signe relatif que nos sociétés sont entièrement tournée vers le matériel ?

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I belive that the source for our differences here is the set up again, all that the US question says is that you lost an 'expensive' camera, that could be anywhere from $200, to 10,000, and i'm sure that the responses would differ depending on which spectrum you are on. Second is the issue of film, when i was responding i was not thinking of loosing film because very rarely i carry my camera with film in it, usually when i take picutres i go through coulpe rolls and thus there would be no lost memories. But if there was film in teh camera, and it contained a weeks worth of pictures, i would say that at times those picutes could be well more worth than any sticker price for the camera.

Julien, I don't think losing a camera is a good measure of whether someone is materialistic or not. Like I mentioned before, cameras contain film... film retains moments in time. I have been very upset after losing a camera before, not because of its monetary value but because of the lost images and memories that I wanted to cherish. Yes, I can remember them in my own mind, but its not as concrete (it's like a painting that was never put on canvas... who can you share it with?) If this is being materialistic, then I guess I want to be. It would be a sad life, if we did not cherish anything. I don't the biggest fear in losing a camera should be telling your parents.