You hear two friends talking very loudly
in the room next door.

Vous entendez deux amis parler très
fort dans la pièce à côté.

shut the .... up!

Depending on the topic I may or may not get involved.

I listen.

I listen.

I join them.

Shut up.

Ignore them. If they were disturbing me, ask them to quiet

I am frustrated.

I would ask them to be quieter if the noise was keeping me
awake at night.

If it bothers me I ask him to be a little quiet

Unless the talking disturbed me, I would go join my friends.

I go find out what they are doing.

If I have nothing else to do, why not just listen in?

tell them to be quiet

I join them.

Just a 'sec. Let me crank my stereo.

I would ask them if there's a problem I could help with.

If this goes on for too long, I go over and ask them to talk

If this goes on for too long, I go over and ask them to talk

Listen. They deserve it.

If theyre arguing let them have it out, and talk to them later
if they want

You ignore them.

I go visit them.


Let me eavesdrop and see what I can find out.

close the door and ignore them

I try to block them out

I go and talk with them if I have the time


Je me rends dans la piece et je prends part a la conversation.

si il me derange je leur fait savoir

j'ecoute la conversation

Je viens parler avec eux

Si ca me derange, je leur demande de baisser le volume

Je vais discuter avec eux

Ca m'enerve

Je me dirige vers cette piece

J'attend qu'ils arretent, au besoin je vais leur signaler
qu'ils derangent.

je me joints a leur discussion

Je vais parler avec eux

je vais parler avec eux

Je mets de la musique plus fort en grommelant

Je mets de la musique plus fort en grommelant

Moins fort, s'il vous plait!

Selon le type de discussion, je leur fait remarquer

Selon le type de discussion, je leur fait remarquer

soit je discute avec eux, sois je leur demande de baisser
le ton

Si je ne suis pas occupe je vais les voirs

je vais les rejoindre


The responses from both of us seem to be relatively the same. Maybe this means that the way we react in certain situations is beyond cultural differences. Different responses may be due to different types of personalities. I'm not sure. How do you think that culture affects they way we react? I think we should pose these question to several cultures.

L'essentiel des prejuges que j'ai sur la vie des Americains proviennent des films "made in USA" qui inondent nos ecrans de television et et de cinema. D'ou proviennent les prejuges que vous avez pu avoir sur la culture francaise? Quand entendez-vous parler de la France?

Though I've heard on occasion that the French and Americans think each other rude, the reactions to the surveys pretty well disprove that. On the whole, the typical responses from each side of the world seem to be in accord with each other. Another widely believed stereotype completely without merit...

Upon closer examination of the survey results, I've been noticing that, although it's almost always possible to find a french response that is equivelant to a given english response, or vice versa, the distribution of the responses is very different. Thus, if the American responses are: 2 A's, 4 B's, 7 C's, and 2 D's, then it is unlikely that there will be a french response E that doesn't translate (almost directly) to A, B, C, or D.. But that the number of A's, B's, etc., will be different. (For some of the surveys, you have to replace "translate" with "fall in the same category" to make this work. But it still seems like this is a valid thing to do..)

It seems to me there is a stereotypical French culture, and though U.S.ans are perhaps known for abbreviations and other forms of laziness (like this run-on sentence), it seems there are an infinite amount of cultures in the U.S.A.. Individuality is also popular throughout the U.S., except sometimes in conservative areas. "You pierced your eyebrow--yuck!!!!!" or "You pierced your eyebrow--cool!" The U.S. culture can not be written down because the many contradictions make it absolutely impossible. I noticed in the survey results two main opposite views to many questions on the U.S. side alone. This happened with some on the French side as well, but I think more so here in the U.S.. Although it could be that MIT selects a diverse group of students, as well as all the mad scientists ;~>